Sunday, 30 January 2011


I annoyed an American girl (a bad tempered scald) by telling her that I was proud that I'd taught 14 Romanians to pronounce schedule: shed - yule. Romanians, say film and lift, not 'movies' and 'elevator'! Lift and film are Romanian words. I also teach Romanians to say ' frightfully' because it slightly annoys Americans who like foreigners to speak their dialect. This is about cultural imperialism which I strongly approve of, at least when directed against our former colonies.

When I was 7 I wrote a school project called Imperialism - I started with V de Gama but then realised the whole historical span would be a lot of work so 1600 onwards was rather skimped but here were lots of maps. Our socialist headmaster awarded the prize to a project on motorbiles because, he said glowering at me, it was not taken from books. At the same age I wanted a toy pith helmet but they did not exist.

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