Sunday, 30 January 2011

Poisoning dogs in the park

A woman in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, dies in hospital after being mauled by a pack of stray dogs. People who lived in Bucharest in the 90s when sometimes very fearsome strays were in almost every street are not sympathetic to newcomers' complaints but I have in the last few months noticed they are they are coming back. A libertarian English friend who enjoys using a tone of long-suffering complaint about Bucharest wants the City Hall to kill the mutts as it did years ago (the cull took place without anyone saying a word like a guilty secret). I tell him "Why not be self-reliant, as befits an admirer of Ludwig von Mises? Why don't you lace some biscuits with rat poison and leave it out in alleys in your neighbourhood?" He could also put some in his pocket when going out for a stroll. It would give walks in the park a morbid zest. In the morning the rats would gnaw at the corpses in the avenues in Parcul Cismigiu.

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  1. Maybe your friend should chew on those biscuits, too...