Monday, 21 February 2011

The average age in Libya is 22. All else is detail.

I went to bed last night sure Gaddafi cannot last. The broadcast by his son admitting the revolt was happening and threatening 40 years of poverty if his father goes is an admission of defeat. And then it looks like it will be, not 1989 of course not, but 1848. If Gaddafi can be overthrown anyone can be overthrown.

How like some fading 1960s rock star Gaddafi looks. A household name of whom we know almost nothing his true fame will come late when we learn the secret history of his court. I hope there is a Procopius keeping a diary.

Note on November 6:

How very foolish I was and how different this will be from 1848. As the Christians and Shia will see if the Syrian government is toppled, as the people of Tripoli are already seeing.

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