Saturday, 12 February 2011

Satire died the day they gave the Nobel peace prize to Henry Kissinger - Tom Lehrer.

Kissinger: America doesn't have friends--only acquaintances. Kissinger forgot the one exception to his rule: the only special relationship the USA has is not with Great Britain, of course, but with Israel. Which is not about interests, oddly enough. I don't know what it is about actually but Palmerston's dictum about interests being eternal is out of date.

Strange to watch Kissinger 12 days ago being interviewed and being extremely cogent. He thought Jordan might be the next domino to fall. He is a figure from my childhood like Pope Paul VI, Harold Wilson, the Two Ronnies and Inspector Clouseau. All the others have left the stage but he goes on. I remember he was considered a sort of superhero by the mass of English people. His extraordinary accent once familiar from the news every night now is surprise. Did I hear it in the last twenty years? Thirty?

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