Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hari kari

I feel suddenly happy knowing that whatever terrible things the future brings at least we won't have to read Johann Hari's shrill outraged commentary on them. For example on the killings in Norway. I do feel for him, worry that I am being uncharitable and like the remark he made about being an idiot - but unfortunately he has been rather more than just that. For example I no longer trust anything in his piece on Dubai which made an impression on me. He might be the Simon Dee de nos jours - rising and sinking without trace, poor man. Simon Dee of whom it was said that he was remembered for having been forgotten.  

Hari spoke about the allegations in a talk he gave on free speech on July 7 at the Royal Institution in London. This time, Hari did not try to defend himself, saying, “I did something idiotic, and some people use their freedom of speech to point that out.”
“The real test of free speech is not to support it when people are saying you’re great, it’s do you support it when people are saying something painful and humiliating about you. And I absolutely do.”

But no second chance - I am not that compassionate. Or maybe he could do opinion pieces but strictly nothing that required quotations or reportage. He is the boy who cried wolf. Also I violently hate all his opinions including on Iraq where he manages to be even more wrong than even Bush or Cheney an almost impossible trick to pull off. Sanctions were wrong because they only hurt the poor and therefore war was right. This would be silly from an undergraduate. Damien Thomson brilliantly said it perfectly: his falsetto squeak of outrage when anyone said or did anything conservative.

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