Sunday, 19 February 2012

Do most Syrians back their government? Probably yes.

Peter Oborne on the fighting in Syria:

It is far from obvious, for example, even that a majority of Syrians are opposed to the Assad regime.Russia calculates that perhaps two thirds of Syrians are still broadly supportive, and it is worth recalling that Russia was a more accurate source of information in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq than either Britain or the US.

I imagine most Syrians no more want regime change than did the Irish in 1916 or the Americans in 1775. I imgine many can guess the consequences will be appalling. 

We do not know what either side is doing but we are always misled by journalists- we were not told in Afghanistan that the Northern Alliance were respectable opium growers. Surely Libya and Egypt have taught us to stay out? 

Democracy will mean the Brotherhood - power-sharing not democracy is what we should hope for. What we shall get is bloody internecine war. It will be yet another bloody consequence of the break up of the Ottoman Empire. Syria was as bad an idea as Lebanon, Palestine and Libya

The Russian media were more accurate about Libya and the Russians unlike our leaders have a concern for the Middle Eastern Christians who are leaving Iraq,  Lebanon, Egypt and now poor Syria.

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