Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fabrice Muamba: Racist Twitter user jailed for 56 days


This is very very very sinister. I think I have reached the point when apart from my loving living in Romania I now actively would not like to live in an England which seems in some respects a fascist state.

Political Correctness is a clown with a sword in her or his hand. 

A man has gone to gaol after tweeting that he was happy a footballer had died.

The BBC likes four letter words these days I am told but is too chaste to repeat the words complained of as are the papers I saw. They are (not for ladies' eyes):

Having first tweeted "LOL. Fuck Muamba he's dead !!! #Haha", he then got involved in slanging matches with people who reacted angrily. Along the way, his ensuing remarks included "go suck a nigger dick" and "go suck muamba's dead black dick".
The words complained of should not be illegal - in effect he is being gaoled for the fatal combination of using the word nigger and for running up against a Diana-style outpouring of public grief. 

Neither the word nigger nor the bad taste should be punishable even by a caution - and I am  prudish about bad language in public. 

We had something similar break out when public opinion, which had not minded News International hacking the Prince and Princess of Wales' telephones was indignant that they hacked that of some much loved minor celebrity. But this time the state is acting on behalf of the mob.

I remember that line from Betjeman about Slough....'It isn't fit for humans now' - does that describe life in England? 

It is about the state making it clear that it is in charge and will impose its ideology of health, internationalism, non-discrimination and equality and badly hurt those who do not obey.

What I wonder would Churchill have said? He'd be gaoled too for making racist jokes I expect. He made a lot of unkind remarks about black people. He suggested that a black civil servant who had been refused a table in a restaurant (because American officers made a fuss) should have taken his ukelele out and played in the band. He also said in the cabinet in Jaunary 1955 that 'Keep England White' would make a good election slogan. This might be illegal now although protected, I suppose, by executive privilege. Lloyd George once talked in Cabinet about bombing niggers in, I think, Iraq, but that was unimaginably long ago. 

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