Saturday, 24 March 2012

Stray Saturday morning thoughts in late March


Schubert, porridge, heavenly sunshine in Lipscani, a hard copy of the Spectator. God's in His heaven and all's right with the world. Spring fills me with a delicious languor which seems to hold the meaning of life.

My recipe for happiness: trust in God; good health; a sense of beauty; a passion for books; friends; enjoying your own company; not caring about material things; a good sense of humour; a quick mind; a sense of history; being in Romania; glorious spring weather after a hard winter. 

I always intended to listen to Blur and Oasis but I suppose they are one with Babylon and Ninevah? I should listen to Coldplay. My best friend's nephew is the drummer which makes me feel old. I stick with Schubert pro tempora.

I told someone yesterday I could count on the fingers of one hand the people I disliked but now cannot remember any. Diana, Princess of Wales is dead R.I.P.

Shopping for coffee, onions and loo paper in the shop in my street is the kind of shopping I don't mind. Shopping is a great though occasionally necessary evil.

Reading Jonathan Freedland say he will notvote for Ken Livingstone because he is an anti-semite, something designed to attract Muslim votes, I see that Britain is moving to the US style cantonised politics of which Enoch Powell warned. I am slightly surprised that Muslims do not seem to mind Millipede being Jewish but then he is very anti-Israel to make up for it. No-one minds his atheism either. Or his being an unmarried father when he became leader of the party that is supposed to owe more to Methodism than to Marxism but has now moved beyond both.

I suppose I can see how a decent and very well-informed man of the Left can justify having voted for Ken twice before. After all, the congestion charge is an enormous achievement and Ken's work (bring it on in Bucharest). No doubt Freedland is a good Labour man who loathes the Tories but our so-called conservatives who are about to enact homosexual marriage are not true Tories and Livingstone is the greater evil. And whatever else he is, Boris is associated with the great cause of cheering us all up.

‘The neurotic is nailed to the cross of his own fiction’ (Alfred Adler).  One of my favourite quotations. People, read Adler. A friend of mine at university who had very bad pudding-basin haircuts  told me his hair was cut for 50p a time in Hove by Adler's grandson. When my friend told his barber he had won a place at Cambridge barber said ‘You must be an intelligent man like my grandfather who was a professor. Perhaps you heard of my grandfather?’

I came across this quotation yesterday and find it absolutely wonderful and very wise indeed. Almost the Secret of Life. 'To feel comfortable you need your own approval' (Mark Twain). It brings to mind Frederic Harrison's remark, 'No man pleases other who does not please himself'. I must read Mark Twain again - he said so many good things and visited everywhere I have ever been before me. And he is funny. I never enjoyed a book more than I enjoyed Huckleberry Finn at 8 - I remember it as very poetic and about the unlimited  spaces of childhood.

We are what we pretend to be. So we must be careful of what we pretend to be. 

Some people act a part so long that they forget who they really are. They include eccentrics, psychopaths, fantasists, con men, exotics, poets. 

Some people act apart so long. 

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