Thursday, 26 April 2012

Girl, 6, was abandoned at side of A-road by school bus


A story in the Daily Mail about a 6 year-old schoolchild dropped by a school bus 50 yards from the school gates 15 minutes earlier than usual. Her parents are 

This makes me very ashamed of my country. And incredulous. What is to blame? Is it mothers no longer stay at home and care for children and compensate by over-solicitousness? Is it decline of religious belief and the end of stoicism, which are replaced by hypochondria and a curious and unhealthy obsession about children? Is it all down to Diana, Princess of Wales  and touchy-feeliness and the Daily Mail? Or do the English just have too few things to worry about? 

The last explanation sounds plausible even though in fact England has a lot to worry about. As the Anglo-Saxons fail to reproduce themselves and lose belief in life after death, individual children become more important.  But a nation which fails to reproduce and loses belief in God is in a very bad way. That includes the children as much as the adults.

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