Monday, 30 April 2012

Norman Tebbit on David Cameron, emails and homosexuality

Norman Tebbit, who was eighty last month, is an absolutely lovely man and and very intelligent indeed. Here he is on tremendous form and his wit and sheer niceness shine through. Yet it is interesting that people extol the charm of Michael Foot who was disastrously wrong about everything and who took money from the KGB and bristle at the thought of Lord Tebbit whom Foot called famously a semi-house trained polecat. I do not say Foot was a traitor nor believe he was but he was effectively an enemy of his country. 

I also greatly hate the May Day bank holiday he created, a completely un-British, rootless, pointless thing, like a concrete bunker in a lovely piece of pasture land. He could have chose one week before, 23rd. April,  St. George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday.

Or maybe Foot did not take money from the KGB. Someone told me he won large damages in court when he sued the man who alleged that he did. He did not need a bribe to be on the Left in any case. I think this squib applies to Foot and the Russians. 
You cannot hope to twist/Thank God the British journalist/But seeing what the man will do/Unbribed there's no occasion to.

Lord Tebbit's blog post is very interesting on how technology has changed government and politics.

I was foolish enough to dislike his and Mrs Thatcher's policies but I met him at a drinks party at the Cambridge Union in around 1982 and was enormously impressed by his mind - and we Cambridge undergraduates were great intellectual snobs - also by his charm. Curious that he is now a social conservative - he and the Thatcherites were not in the 1980s, one of the things that made me dislike them, along with what I mistakenly thought was their indifference to the poor. 

He was a great debater and here is characteristically and effortlessly conclusive on homosexuality and Christianity. 

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