Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday blues

In England in my day, as Tony Hancock said, Sunday was so depressing that Saturday was ruined knowing the next day was going to be Sunday.

Saturdays in my childhood became depressing in the afternoon with wrestling on the television (which we never called the telly) and Mick McManus and then it was downhill. Sunday was Mass and shopping at the Jewish shop, which was allowed to open till 12.30 p.m., for things we had forgotten to buy on Saturday. Sunday lunch and Forces Favourites and The Clitheroe Kid  followed by an old film on TV were great. Except that Sunday's depressingness seeped in. And then school on Monday which was Belsen. And yet I remember my childhood as blissfully happy. Confusing.


  1. Scotland was worse, because of the Kirk Hugo Lindsay

  2. Still I strongly dislike shops being open on Sundays. They used to close at 2 on Saturdays and reopen on Mondays in Romania but now are open on Sundays often. But Sundays in Romania were never depressing - I wonder what the recipe was for strange mix of Anglicanism and respectability and gloom that ruined the weekends of my childhood.