Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Peking is the capital of China

I passionately agree with Allan Massie that the capital of China is called Peking but I do not believe anyone writing in English ever called Lyons 'Lyon'. Everyone pronounces it the French way but spells it the English way, surely.

A horror I recently discovered in the Lonely Planet guides which are written for cretins is Porto instead of Oporto.

I always do and I always say Bombay too. My new friend the Church of England parson in Bucharest says Constantinople and I am tempted to adopt this but wonder if it is a bit too late.

I hate Budapesht though I was guilty of it myself until rightly told off about it in 1990

Angora is now unfortunately Ankara but I think Smyrna still current rather than the barbaric Ismir. I mourn Ceylon.


  1. It's always been 'Londinium' for me, and always will, and if the nplebs don't like it, they can take a gladius to the face.

  2. I have always called the city Peking for the same reason that I call the country China instead of Chung Kuo; sadly I don't speak Mandarin, and most of my interlocutors don't either.