Sunday, 20 May 2012

Please read this conversation with a Syrian Christian

Please read this conversation that took place on Facebook between a Syrian Christian wife and mother and me on Facebook tonight

I love Syria so much too and love the Christian quarters of Damascus and Aleppo.

 Oldest church, first alphabet, oldest city, prestigious castles and monuments that survived disasters, wars and earthquakes for thousands of years I wonder if they will survive the current fighting..

Please tell me what is happening?

What you hear at the news each day, demonstrations, army intruding, armed people and street fights, explosions here and there almost every where in Syria.. the level of violence varies in different syrian cities .however, it is not the sacred haven anymore.

 Are the Christians in danger?

They are not the target so far, no ,. anyway, nothing is guaranteed in such situation especially when tension between population is increasing due to political situation Christians are supposed to have (while it is not 100 % true), Christians are closely watching Egypt and Tunisia just to get an idea about what will come next

Good that they are not the target.Things seem worse in Tunisia Egypt and Libya than before. Are Christians leaving Syria?

Well accidents happen here or there, I am not sure about extremists' opinions or intentions as i never met any of them in my live although i traveled around in Syria, many of the villages that are supposed to be inhabited by religious people is mostly a touristic destination in which every individual is used to meeting tourists. of course extremists exist but the various religions that Syria contains might effect the convention on applying strict Muslim regulations (I hope). as for leaving Syria., any family who is in danger or facing hard economic situation will leave when possible, safety is priority especially for the sake of kids

Have any of your friends decided to leave?

yes,some left to lebanon, some from homs moved to damascus and close villages, some decided to leave after the latest big explosion of last week .. leaving decision is not easy, you leave your home, your house, your friends and family , your job , everything ...

What do you think the future is?

i wish i knew, but i think nothing will change in the near future. Those who lost families will not go back, and those who are taking control of events will not give up on their power either.. we pray for a near closure whatever it is,otherwise things will be disastrous as hate is aggregating among syrians and forgiveness will be impossible

yes closure whatever it is is much better than war. If only one side could win quickly.  And for Christians I imagine it would be safer if Assad won.

in theory yes,practically i don't think so.since the father took over the power the count of mosques increased by more than double, many christian schools were transformed into public schools. girls used to go to college wearing short skirts while nowadays wearing tight jeans is not preferable .. he needed to win the majority of the public as a minority controlling the country. besides, hate is growing against Christians who are so far taking the side of the power driven by the fear of loosing the rest of their free practicing of their religion.

I think we will face serious troubles in staying in our country whatever happens.We are the card both fighting parties are playing with. The problem when you are muslim is that you cannot convert to other religion, other religious are considered unbelievers, and that you have to fight to promote the religion.etc.. we need leaders like in golf countries who know how to use qualifications from all over the world to develop their countries meantime they insist on keeping the rights of their citizens above all others . I wish European countries did the same

Yes so do I. Europe now has problems caused by some Muslims.

I imagine and hope it is changing now.. I watched some tv reports about european government tolerance towards some fanatics, be careful they are able to double in count in a matter of year, they don't care about educating their kids as much as they care about teaching them radical religion mostly against christians.

 I know and it is not changing - it is not even discussed - anyone who worries about Islamic fanatics is considered a fascist even though it is they who are fascists.

oil money is the reason i suppose

 No - fear of discrimination against people who are not white. Western Europe has gone mad.

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