Saturday, 5 May 2012

President Henry Wallace



Counterfactual history. Had Roosevelt died in 1944 a left-wing President Henry Wallace would have appointed Communists as his secretary of state and his treasury secretary. Wallace once mentioned that if he'd been president he would have made Laurence Duggan, a State Department specialist on Latin America, his secretary of state and, for his treasury secretary, Wallace said he would have chosen Harry Dexter White. Both Duggan and White were probably communists. 

And yet we hear little about Henry Wallace and much about Joe McCarthy.


  1. This is idiocy you are spouting. Were you at all someone to read original sources you would know this is a lie. Shame on you. Henry Wallace was an american patriot and a Hamiltonian, just like FDR.

  2. Check out this site:

  3. What is not in doubt is that Wallace would have been a left-wing President and well disposed towards the USSR.

  4. I do not doubt that he would have worked with Russia on common development programs. He was, however, very clear on what he thought of communism and repeated this throughout the years. He is a Christian and an American "Capitalist". I do not like the term capitalism for the USA, as it is automatically connected with Adam Smith's doctrine. He believed, as did Hamilton and the founding fathers, in the principle of the General Welfare as first and foremost in governing economy. He was a real american, a man looking at development of the entire world to the level that the USA was then at. He 100% opposed the racist doctrines of Truman and Churchill. I trust you have read the primary source material and not just the blogosphere.