Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Biertan and its fortified church, not too far from Sighisoara or Medias, is one of the many lovely  fortified churches in Transylvania.

Not the undiscovered oasis of utter calm it used to be ten or fifteen years ago. When I was last there in 2007 postcards were on sale and there was a restaurant alas.


  1. That is an absolutely marvellous view: and it really couldn't be anywhere but Romania.

  2. Could it? No filthy Vlach hands were ever involved in creating this: this is the work of the Sachsen, the Germanissimi Germanorum of Siebenbuergen, who after 1918 suddenly found the reichsunmittelbares land their people had settled for centuries part of the second most despised country, after Serbia, in Europe

  3. Please no comments about filthy Vlachs. Although I suspect the German building workers who built this lovely church did so with dirty hands and quite reasonably.