Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee weekend in Essex

Such a beautiful walk from Holland-on-Sea to Walton-on-the Naze in the cold, under a grey sky, studded by people with union jacks eating sausage rolls and drinking Sainsbury's sparking wine. It would not have been beautiful had the sun come out. Come to North Essex it's bracing!

I did six miles in just over two hours and at the end I found myself tired. The rain held off and I rewarded myself with a very large English breakfast with extra black pudding and the papers. Then shamefully I went home by bus.

I love Walton, unfashionable, unaffluent, with its sad amusement park, almost Cornish. Frinton on the other is creepy - it reminds me of that Avengers episode where the villagers turn out to be trying cybernetically to bring to life the corpse of Hitler.

‎At Walton station is a sign saying 'Walton for the continent', under which was daubed, 'Frinton for the incontinent.'

England is beautiful and wonderful - at least the shabbier bits and the very rich smart bits like Belgravia and Chelsea. I am not sure about the affluent, aspiring middle.

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