Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Women Leaders

I usually delete Cambridge 'alumni' (dread word) emails unread, but I am having fun writing anti-feminist remarks in a discussion unpromisingly entitled 'Women Leaders'. Childish, I know, but it amuses me.

I remember the factory foreman in Michael Wharton's Peter Simple column, ashen-faced when confronted by a piece of unsolicited mail about training managers, saying 'What do they mean, "He or she"? It's against nature, sir' and had to be calmed down.

I wonder if this blog is beginning to sound, to liberal readers, a little bit like the incomparable Squire Hagggard's Journal Squire Hagggard giving short shift to poachers, Papists, dissenters and foreigners made me fall around in fits as a teenager. Perhaps one becomes, as Evelyn Waugh did, what one laughs at.

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