Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bla bla

Making finger quote marks is the most irritating habit  according to a survey of 2,000 'Britons' - Britons is such a silly 18th century word which always makes me think of druids. 

Indicating “blah blah blah” and pretending to yawn were among the other most irksome and non-obscene gestures named by 2,000 Britons for the study, as was pretending to type on a keyboard to signal “email me”.“The 'speech marks’ gesture is often used to emphasise sarcasm, which is arguably a big part of the British sense of humour, but it’s clearly an action that irritates more than it amuses,” said a spokesman for Goggle Eyes, a software developer that commissioned the study.

I only knew one man who used this habit - in 1998 in my first job in Bucharest - and I liked it. Bla bla was universal in Romania in the late 90s and very useful for avoiding the need for unnecessary words. I LOVE 'bla bla'. Now I think of it I have not heard it much recently.

(I also thought drinking beer from the bottle was purely Eastern European until told - hat tip Dr. Andrew Taylor - that they do it in England too. I possibly don't get out enough back in England. I also learnt yesterday, skimming the headlines, that the word fashionista is an English word as well as a word in Romanian. Who'd have known?)

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