Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What a way to run a putsch

As I was perfectly sure would happen, Mr. Ponta has at last said he will obey the Constitutional Court which ruled that the emergency decree cannot change the rules on referendums. The referendum will need 50% plus one of the electorate to eject the President. Ion Iliescu the Romanian Egon Krenz who ordered the shooting of Ceausescu and dominated Romanian politics until 2004- I am no admirer of his - at least knew how to organise a coup d'etat. he also knew how to make the courts to do what he wanted without drawing the attention of the chanceries of Europe.

The electoral rolls are based on the census of ten years ago and are a terrible mess full of people from the republic of Moldova who claimed fictitious addresses to get Romanian and European citizenship, full of hundred of thousands of people who live abroad and I suspect that  Mr.Basescu will win either by taking part or by calling a boycott of the poll. The trouble with referendums is that the electorate often gives the wrong answer - in politics you should never ask a question unless you are sure you know the answer. This one may be a copy paste of the last one.

So what was the point?

Mihail Manoilescu, a pre-war politician and economist, killed by the Communists in 1950, said in 1927:

“I think that if Romania came one day by a miracle to get rid of all its sins and the faults of its leading political class and if, as if by magic, it gave up its selfishness, intrigue, corruption, incompetence and its scorn for the masses, still, even in that situation, this country could not make good progress if our political personalities did not get rid of their lack of seriousness.”

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