Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Neal Armstrong has died

Neal Armstrong has died. What is one to think? 

As a little boy I was spellbound by him landing on the moon and so surprised when the BBC mentioned that some people disapproved of the expense. Now it all seems such Cold War silliness and such a waste of (American) public money. Mr. Gladstone would not have approved nor any other nineteenth century statesman. 

' "But what good came of it at last?", quoth little Peterkin.' 

Well, a lot more good than the Vietnam War or a lot of other expensive ways of waging the Cold War but if the moon race brought the world satellite television then this is a very sad thing. MTV is not Agent Orange or napalm but it has done a lot of harm. Lucky St. Helena which had escaped television altogether became as dull as everywhere else. I hope the Iranians jam it.

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