Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Psychopaths and the Norwegian murderer


I am reposting my take on psychopaths since the conviction of the Norwegian murderer makes the subject topical.

Though psychopaths are always topical. Quite a number get a long way in life though few make it to the very top.

Three Romanian women lawyers told me they read it wondering if they were psychopaths and  I was able to tell them that they were not though I am not sure if this reassured or disappointed them. At least two other Romanian female lawyers fit the bill perfectly.

In general psychopaths are very boring when you get to know them, though sometimes, say with serial murderers and Saddam Hussein, the things they do are very interesting. They can be interesting, in a morbid way, if they possess self-knowledge and a sense of humour (wit is a better word since they can never laugh at themselves) but evil is boring because it is a negation, an absence of good. It does not exist. 

I am that am says Almighty God in the Old Testament and the Father of Lies can say the opposite.

Evil people are just too tedious to be taken seriously. (Ivo Mosley)

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