Thursday, 23 August 2012

Vive la France!


We owe the Olympics entirely to Chirac. 'The English have the worst food in Europe, except for the Finns.' The Finnish vote the next day was what swung it to us.

Chirac was also right about the Iraq War and probably deserves the spare plinth in Trafalgar Sq. for that, despite his adulteries and defalcations. Certainly the Americans should build him a statue, next to the one - I presume they have one - of Lafayette.

I do not admire Napoleon however. I knew a beautiful female psychopath who liked Napoleon even more than Hitler because 'Napoleon killed so many people and yet everyone likes him'. Needless to say like most psychopaths she was a lawyer.

Nor do I admire the French Republic. The real France and the anticlerical French Republic are different things. (Muslim France is something else again).

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