Monday, 17 September 2012

Does anyone think capturing Mexican drug lords makes a difference?

"Does anyone think capturing Mexican drug lords makes a difference? You can capture Colonel Sanders but people will still want friend chicken."  

Tweeted a couple of days ago by Johann Hari who is usually my bete noir but this is good and has the ring of truth to it. 

Making drugs legal as they were in nineteenth century Europe is probably the right thing to do though I see the counter-arguments and I am not completely sure. 


  1. I really like the fact that you say "I'm not sure"

    Everyone else who comments on the issue is 100% sure and will not be swayed by the strongest evidence in academic reports.

    I share your view.

  2. Evidence in academic reports is usually not very persuasive, not on its own anyway - there are all sorts of hidden premises and value judgments. Everyone who wants to control us has to do so in the language of science which has the legitimacy religion used to have. This issue is not about academic research but all sorts of judgments and moral issues. Only historians are useful here and philosophers - not the half educated sociologists who leech off the teat of the state that feeds them.