Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Even football is not meritocratic in Romania


My taxi driver this afternoon had been a taxi driver one month. Before that he played for the Dinamo second team or third team. He told me you can't play for a team like Dinamo, Steaua or Rapid without spending thousand of euros on bribes to the trainers to make the team. 

This, he says, is why Romanian players are not very good. 

What a way to run a country.


  1. Excuse me, but do you always judge a forest by a single tree?
    Taxi drivers are normal people. They may be right, they may be wrong.

    I could never say that anything like that had not happened because of a dumb, mindless, drunkard coach who loved money more than his job. But keep in mind that most coaches used to be footballers and have/had passion for football.
    Is the football society in Luxemburg even more corrupted because they have even less talented footballers? Is Ukrainian football society less corrupted because they have better results?
    Oh, please give me a break, dear Mr Paul W. Don't turn yourself into a self-pitting less talented footballer Romanian taxi driver.
    Everyone who scored a goal in the school yard dreams of being a professional footballer, but you need more than talent. And I'm not talking about bribe. But about hard work.

    "I wanted to be king of Romania, but somebody stole my propeller. Yeah, Romanians are thieves, they steal wannabe kings their propellers." Let's go back to our senses. Our nation has little self-esteem and I feel you're not really helpful on that matter.
    Sorry if I bothered you.

  2. Why do you even know the names of Romanian football clubs? That's the only surprising thing about your post :) Toni