Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to All My American Friends, Commemorating The Opening Shots of Their Triumphant War Against The Red Indian Menace.

I stole this line from Alex Woodcock-Clarke, who said it better than I could. One of the reasons for the American Revolution, I remember, was that the British would not let the colonists kill as many Red Indians as they wanted to do.


  1. It is not that they wanted to kill anyone, they wanted to move onto and claim land.

    For what it is worth, generation 1 supposedly paid Narragansetts for their land.

    You could make the point that the American westward expansion did not really get going until the Scotch-Irish moved onto the border.

  2. On Veteran’s Day, a few years back I heard a story about a person’s revolutionary War relative. The vet had mustered into the Continental Army at Fort Ligonier, Pennsylvania. At some point the vet’s unit had been travelling by unspecified watercraft on the Ohio River to join George Rogers Clark.
    They sailed into an ambush by a force of mostly Shawnees and some Redcoats concealed along the river edges. The famous traitor Simon Girty was also part of that force. After half of the unit was shot, the commander surrendered with a white flag.
    While the prisoners were waiting under guard on the land, the CO was tomahawked from the rear. The other prisoners all got the gauntlet and other forms of torture. Not all survived.
    After a couple of years in Shawnee captivity in Ohio, the vet and other survivors were turned over to the British Army at Detroit. From Detroit, they were taken by the British Army to Ticonderoga and exchanged for POW Redcoats.
    The question I have is why the Shawnees kept the men as prisoners. At some time During the Revolution the Shawnees had been forcing whites they captured to become Shawnee.