Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Church of England vote against women bishops

The Church of England vote against women bishops. None of my business, as a non-Anglican, but  I could not help being pleased. But the Synod will vote again and again until they get the answer 'right'. After that no more votes. 

Tim Stanley discusses it here.

I really find the idea of women priests deeply shocking. I saw some for the first time in England this year  - in Canterbury Cathedral - and thought it made my first evensong seem a pantomime, a parody. But I left half way through evensong not because of the women priests but because, though I wanted to be ecumenical, I just found it all deeply depressing. So it is not really any of my business

Why is religion in Protestant countries so dispiriting? All those regimental flags have something to do with it but it is much more than that.

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  1. To quote one of the commenters: "Like Ireland refusing to support the EU constitution in a referendum, the CoE will keep putting this to the vote until they choose "correctly". It's the liberal way: keep marching along the path of progress, so we can all fall off the cliff at the end."