Wednesday, 16 January 2013

We are drawn like magnets to power and repelled by weakness


Politicians are drawn like magnets to power and repelled by weakness. They have no choice. If they behave otherwise, they will have trouble surviving. When they smell blood or fear, they sink their teeth into their adversaries and tear them to shreds, leaving them for dead by the roadside. 
That is what has happened over the past few days to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The invincible leader, the champion of political trickery, singer Sarit Hadad's "cannon," is bleeding Knesset seats in the opinion polls, and the people who were so recently his partners are pecking at his flesh.
Thus began an article by Aluf Benn in Haaretz which I read last week while waiting for my plane home from Tel Aviv. The rest of the article did not much interest me, but a good article only needs a good opening.

It set me thinking. Psychopaths behave in somewhat similar ways. And so, probably, do all of us.

Jackie Collins is not a great writer but she knows human nature. She wrote:

People can smell fear like coffee.
The reason intelligence is attractive is that it is power. A sense of humour demonstrates intelligence and power. Beauty itself is power, especially physical beauty. Schopenhauer argued that beauty represents the will to power which is why, he said, a tree standing in the forest is beautiful while one cut down and lying on the ground is not.

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  1. He's not throwing a lot of global political weight around is he.Dare I make that a PERIOD..?