Sunday, 17 February 2013

There has been no global warming for at least sixteen years


I was disappointed at lunch today with some intelligent friends, three British and an American, to discover that none of them knew that there has been no global warming for at least sixteen years. Just in case you missed it (it was published on Christmas Eve, presumably not to attract public attention), here is the good news again. Rejoice!

My left-of-centre friends, far from rejoicing, refused to believe it. The self-righteousness that worrying about global warming induces is a subtle but heady emotion, like many altruistic feelings.

I finally am completely convinced this the global warning scare is an ignis fatuus and makes politicians and civil servants look very fatuous too. It is eschatology for a Godless age. Let us worry about the real dangers to the world, like declining birthrates in rich countries and unprecedented mass migrations. 


  1. Paul this is so easy to counter it's almost not worth the time, as it's probably like Galileo trying to tell the church of a heliocentric universe

  2. Paul,

    Just for the record, this is a good summary:

  3. Thank you. I am proud to be nostalgic backward-looking and Luddite but though I dislike cars and plastic bags I dislike wind farms and wasted public money more.