Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wonderful new production of Don Giovanni at the Bucharest National Opera


A wonderful new production of Don Giovanni opened tonight at the Bucharest National Opera (O.N.B.), directed by Anda Tabacaru Hogea. Do go and see it people. It is on again next Sunday evening and I intend to go again. I enjoyed it more than the last production I saw which was the Coliseum in London two and a half years ago though ENO had good voices. This production does not glamorise the Don, serial rapist, paedophile and psychopath as he is, but the ENO production was the bleak, un-Mozartian story of a London council estate sex criminal.

Horia Sandu as the Commendatore and Maria Jinga's wonderfully sexy Zerlina stood out for me, as did Daniel Pop's Don. There were also some ballet sequences which worked very well. I was told Cătălin Ţoropoc who played Leporello was singing for the first time in Bucharest. He was good.

A woman I chatted to in the interval thought the cast too young to have enough life experience to act their parts which seemed to me an odd criticism. I thought they acted very well because they were young. Unlike my first evening at the opera in Bucharest  Bellini's Norma, where the vestal virgins were all over fifty, something which hugely amused the young girl I took to see it. Looking back now I wonder if vestal virgins had an age limit and don't see why they should but a youngish virile Don is a good thing. This one has a rock star quality.

I told the woman that Romanian singers were so much sexier than our English girls and she said 'We Romanians say English women are like horses.' I never heard that before though I heard Romanian women being very rude about the appearances of their English sisters. And not only about the English. 

I don't think horse is an insult though - horses are the most beautiful of all animals. I think Elizabeth Hurley in her twenties had something of a thoroughbred about her. 

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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that I like your blog very much and I am delighted you wrote about the Don Giovanni production, I enjoyed every minute of it...and yes, Maria Jinga stood out :-)
    Have a good day!