Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Depressing news

Two stories on the BBC website utterly depressed me. If I went to the site more often I could become very unhappy.

The first - 

Japan: The worst developed country for working mothers?

Is a country where mothers are married and stay at home with their children such a bad place for mothers? The BBC thinks so.

Even more disheartening was this:

Football must 'catch up' with society says UN commissioner

"I'm concerned that these huge clubs are administered by men," she added. There aren't women in decision making positions in these clubs." 

What business is football of the UN and what about the human rights of shareholders to hire whom they want? Hard to know which is more objectionable - the UN or the BBC but I suppose the UN does much more harm.


  1. Yeh. Taxation without Representation. Everyone has to pay for the good and important work that these people do and don't do without an aye or a go to the devil.

  2. Depressing indeed... Especially the first - I could just as well say "Sweden/England: The worst developed country for housewives?"

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