Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter

I wish all my readers who are celebrating Easter this Sunday a happy and holy Easter. I wish all the rest a pleasant weekend.

This is from Robert Mickens' report in The Tablet on the Pope's Holy Thursday Mass with young detainees: 

"A young man who spoke on behalf of the residents said, 'We only want to know one thing: why did the pope want to come visit us?' Pope Francis said it was a 'sentiment of his heart" and something that would help him 'more to be humble.' Then he added: 'Things of the heart have no explanation!'"

I regret that the habit of English monarchs washing the feet of the poor on Maundy Thursday fell into desuetude.


  1. Very many people are quite sad about this. I am sad. Why today? I have to go now. It's nearing midnight. Nearing the day of the Crucifixion +

  2. Isn't conspicuous humility self-defeating?

  3. What I Anon 7:59 of course meant is why "today" Holy Thursday, a Papal Mass at prison? I am not a student of theology so if this is anyway correct I do not know. I read once or twice that Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles was in part a cleansing in their "ordination" into priesthood/bishopry. Dunno? What I'm sure I do know is that in this era Jesus is very often misinterpreted, 'misrepresented'. All this "Bible Study" among laity is a rather protestant thing taken up now by Catholics too. Many times the 'leader', coordinator is a lay person. At Catholic universities the are some poor or bad theologians. Seminaries? So for now I'll just end saying, priests and Popes should not be washing womens' feet.

  4. A Blessed Joyful Easter to all who go here.

  5. Anon 12:21, Yes Jesus called them hypocrites. And He said in giving alms let not the left hand know what the right doeth.