Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jesus was not a vegetarian

An argument against vegetarianism, from a Christian point of view, just occurred to me, which I never heard before. Our Lord was a fisherman. He on at least one occasion, according to the gospels, ate fish. 

Had he eschewed meat I think we would have heard and had he commanded His disciples not to do so I am sure we would have heard. Instead He forbad divorce and swearing oaths.

Perhaps eating meat falls into the same category as slavery, which He also did not condemn. Despite the fact that slavery is taken for granted in both the Old and New Testaments, Christians seem sure it is an absolute evil. At any rate giving up meat and fish is a supererogatory act of mercy. Though I doubt if fish suffer in any case when killed and animals suffered much less in the First Century than in the West today.

As for slavery and capital punishment and many other things the Bible does not condemn but seems to approve, I leave that for the priests to argue over, though I have questions about drawing modern conclusions from ancient texts. 

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