Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A good curry in Bucharest


I had a very good Sunday brunch yesterday with clever people at Kumar's new restaurant in Str. Mantuleasa, that poetic, even mystical street. Kumar's Lamb Madras was not metaphysical at all though. It melted in my mouth and I shall return for brunch most Sundays. On the other hand, George Butunoiu, who was also lunching there, did not like the food at all.

All cities are at their best in the rain. But Bucharest in the spring sunshine - it was over 70º on Sunday - is very wonderful too. Especially walking back to my home in those little streets between Mantuleasa and the Boulevard.


  1. What in the world do you find poetic and mystical about that street??? It seems like a perfectly normal and undistinguished street to me.

    As a side note: I think England (not sure about Scotland and Wales) is probably the most nonspiritual and nonmystical country in the world. Do you agree?

  2. Wales is very mystical. Cornwall perhaps. Walsingham is mystical but Anglicanism is not a mystical creed nor Protestantism. In much of England we have paved over our local gods. Shropshire might be mystical, at least in Alan Garner's books. We do have mystics: Stanley Spencer, Julian of Norwich, but the reformation maimed us badly.