Thursday, 3 April 2014

Not another book about Disraeli

This is a very interesting short review of yet another biography of Benjamin Disraeli. For some reason I mention him a lot on my blog. I never took a huge interest in him when studying history at school and university but now he seems crucial. I am not entirely sure why.

He had happy memories of 'the pleasure of being made ​​much of by a man who is daily Decapitating half the country' when he was the guest of Ali Pasha in Albania as a young man in the 1830s. Very, very funny and very remark Unpleasant indeed. He made ​​sure Russia got Bessarabia in 1878 as a punishment for rebelling against the Sublime Porte but he had good reasons to want to preserve the Ottoman Empire. Since it came to an end we have had the modern Middle East.

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  1. My son gave me this book as a Christmas present last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Disraeli has always interested me, rather at a distance, as one of the dominant politicians of the 19th century, and the book gives an enjoyable account of his life and times. A worthwhile read, which I am happy to recommend to others.