Wednesday, 23 April 2014

This made me burst out laughing loudly


The Brighton Argus had misattributed the comments about a future "war between mankind and goats" to the director of the Brighton Science Festival. The comments actually came from a reader.
The reader had also suggested the following question, which was submitted to the director:
“In an upcoming war between mankind and goats, which side will you be on? What techniques can science provide in order to give mankind an edge in a conflict against powerful and cunning goats?”

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  1. Lovely. I do like the Argos, used to read it when I stayed with my ex, it has some bizarre stories. One fella got them to check out whether there was a time-space vortex at the edge of hove.

  2. Lol! There could be something in it as goats hair offers some protection from radiation. Fortunately having kept milking goats for many years, i know how to defeat a goat

  3. Mary Poppins was nearly seduced by a chimney sheep.

  4. Goats do *look* as if they are about to declare war on humankind.

    1. You mean there might be something in it?