Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Revolutions are almost always a bad idea but we fall for the romance of revolutions every time

When I was young I thought all revolutions were wrong. The disastrous effects of the fall of the dictators in Libya and Egypt make me think perhaps I was not so far wrong. Going to Kosovo this week and thinking about the behaviour of the Kosovo Liberation Army, then reading the news from Ukraine, strengthen this feeling. 

The wrong people won in the American revolution too but here, I suspect, dear reader, I am losing you. Read about the way the American loyalists were tortured and killed.

On Saturday I heard the news that Russians were seizing buildings in Odessa and was very sad indeed. Ukraine reminds me of Yugoslavia in 1991 with Putin playing the part of Milosevic and the EU being worse than useless.

The Cold War kept the peace in Europe, except for the Greek civil war and the fighting between Ukrainians and Poles. After it ended we had wars in the ex-Yugoslavia but otherwise peace. But history is a series of settlements lasting and then breaking down. Putin like Milosovic is for his own purposes re-opening wounds from World War II. He is reigniting fears in Eastern Ukraine of Stepan Bandera's army of Ukrainian nationalists  who fought against the Bolshevik regime, just as Milosevic reopened fears of Pavelic, the Ustase and the collaboration between the Bosnian Muslims and the Germans.

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