Monday, 29 September 2014

David Cameron had just finished cooking Saturday lunch

From Dan Hodges' blog today:
"David Cameron had just finished cooking Saturday lunch when he first learnt of the Mark Reckless defection." 
I suppose this is true - Mr. Cameron cooking lunch, I mean - and not something intended to win women voters, who the papers say do not like Mr. Cameron. 

I still think it very strange for men to cook for their families, even though I loved and was good at cooking before I came to Romania - I no longer have a big enough kitchen - and my brother-in-law does all the cooking in his house. As my mother always told me, all the great cooks in the world are men. 

Still, sex roles apart, I am surprised Prime Ministers have time for household tasks. In Ted Heath's time he had time to spend the weekends yachting but those days are gone, I thought. I remember reading with disgust that the Deputy Prime Minister finds time to drive his children to school. This I would have thought is something he should pay someone to do. But perhaps he likes talking to them in the morning. 

How far we have moved from Harold Macmillan's day. One can't imagine him cooking lunch for Lady Dorothy or driving his children to school - but of course they boarded. 

Did any previous Tory leader cook his own Saturday lunch? Margaret Thatcher probably. Edward Heath the bachelor is another obvious possibility, but he had staff and I can't picture it. Saturday lunch at home is not something bachelors do, but in any case I can't see Ted cooking. 

I somehow doubt any Labour Prime Ministers did either, except possibly Ramsay McDonald, who found delegating so hard that he looked up train times for his secretary. 

I do not imagine Vladimir Putin doing the school run or cooking lunch. I do not share many social conservatives' liking for Mr. Putin but I smiled when I read palao-conservative writer Paul Gottfried say,

"Allow me to explain why so many of us on the Old Right are noticeably indulgent of the former KGB honcho. Putin is conspicuously manly, unlike the feminised eunuchs who "administer" "liberal democratic " politics in the "democratic West." ...
Although I would not like to live under Putin, any more than Lessing wanted to savor the rule of the enlightened despot Frederick the Great, I applaud him for being so different from the PC robots who rise to the top of the political ladder in the US and Western Europe. At the very least Putin gives the exhilarating impression of being a non-reconstructed, non-sensitized MAN." 

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