Sunday, 28 September 2014

ISIS driving out Assyrians from their ancestral home and destroying ancient religious sites


Sunni Extremists Are Destroying Ancient Religious Sites in and around Mosul.

In 2010 I was at the beautiful monastery of Mar Mattei, overlooking the plains of Nineveh, just inside the Kurdish region. I hope it's not harmed and so far there is no sign on the internet that it has been. I do wish I had pushed across the border into the not very safe non-Kurdish area to visit Mosul itself and see it as it was before ISIS arrived. I hadn't realised that Nineveh is now part of Mosul. Imagine standing in Nineveh, though no doubt it is not as remarkable as the thoughts it conjures up.

It is important to note that iraqi Christians are not just an religious group threatened with conversion or expulsion but most are an ethnic group, the Assyrians.

What a terrible shame it was that the hanging chads in Florida did not hang the other way and spare us President George W. Bush. What a shame he was ever born. Had we had President Al Gore, Saddam would still be in power in Baghdad and the word a much happier place. But that's in the past. The war that started yesterday, unlike the one in 2003, is both just and necessary, though I hope the Kurds will do the fighting and win any spoils there might be.


  1. A better example of the law of unintended consequences I cannot think of.

  2. Marc, I think most wars are examples of that law. I have just been reading about the excellent George Keenan who thought so too.

  3. The First and Second World Wars were much worse examples than the Iraq War and the American Civil War was disastrous too. All wars are terrible but the Falklands war and the first Iraq War are two of the very few wars that were just, worthwhile and achieved what Mrs. Thatcher and Mr. Bush the Elder wanted, though I have always blamed Mrs. Thatcher for provoking the invasion of the Falklands in the first place.

  4. Yah. The idiot cast the die in 2003. Now all that remains is epilogue. See what happens when 'big swinging Dicks' collide? Poppy Bush and the Hussein clan couldn't play nice in their respective sandboxes and we have the current melodrama.