Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Parliament illuminated to mark the Romanian national day

December 1 was chosen as the National Day in 1990. Only two or three MPs in 1990 had the wit to argue that 10 May should be the national day as it was before Communism. It's both the day King Carol I proclaimed Romania's independence in 1877 and the also day he first set foot in Romania in 1865. And is a sunny day, warm but not too hot. 

They chose instead a day in December because the 1989 Revolution happened in December. One politician suggested the National Day should be December 25 because that was the day Ceausescu was shot.

December 1 has dreadful weather and Romanians take off to the mountains then to eat and drink too much and trudge tipsily through the snow. I could have gone but preferred to stay snug in Bucharest.

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