Wednesday, 14 January 2015

French National Assembly spontaneously sings the Marseillaise


After a moment of silence to remember the victims of the people murdered in Paris, the French National Assembly yesterday broke into a spontaneous rendition of La Marseillaise, for the first time since the Germans surrendered on 11 November 1918.

I detest the French Republic and wish they would restore the monarchy. The Marseillaise is the song of one part of France, not of France. It was republican anticlerical ideals that made the cartoonists publish their cartoons, of course, for good or ill - mostly for ill. 

The words of the Marseillaise are about beheading anyone who doesn't go along with the ideals of the revolutionaries. The deputies sang this in protest against young men who killed people who offended their ideals.  

But this spontaneous singing is nevertheless very moving. Like the scene in the film, Casablanca. 

I hope the French wake up after these killings and tackle their Muslim problem, but they won't.


  1. It does come across as a bit theatrical as though they had too much to drink and watched the scene from Rick"s bar in Casablanca too often.

  2. Just perusing the English translation of that song and its no wonder the French were terrible colonialists.