Thursday, 1 January 2015

Why the West won and North Africa is poor

I love the Moroccan town of Taroudant where I am lazing away three or four days and I shall write about it shortly.

Poverty stricken Morocco brings to my mind this theory of how Islam and goats may have ruined North Africa and the Middle East. I am not sure who Emmett Scott is and I do not know if he has any academic credentials but he also wrote this.

Bernard Lewis in What Went Wrong? dismissed in one sentence the possibility that Islam might be the reason that the Islamic world is backward - he simply said that this is disproved by the fact that in the Middle Ages the Islamic world was more advanced. But this will not do. It's self evident that it is Christianity that made the difference. A schoolboy can see it. 

But curiously Christianity begat the enlightenment and loss of faith while Islam did not.

This book which someone recommended to me today seeks to explain how Christianity made the West supreme.

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  1. Great post! Reading the linked article by Emmet Scott is particularly interesting. In light of which, it might not be so curious that "Christianity begat the enlightenment and loss of faith".

    Many Eastern Christians (such as myself) are quite convinced that that particular "flavor" of Christianity which begat the Enlightenment, the Protestant Reformation, and subsequent loss of faith in the West ... (could one dare include Communism in that list?) was and still is a deviant version of Christianity which took root in the West, and whose sad trajectory was to some extent foreseen and followed with horror by their Eastern brethren. Scott does a creditable job of pointing out the specific influences of Islamic thought on Western Christian theology and medieval society.