Sunday, 12 July 2015

Franco and women

I was chatting about Franco last night to a Romanian woman friend recently married with a stellar career in an international company.

I told her that Franco made it illegal for married women to go out to work and she replied 

'How wonderful!'
The Church opposed this law for fear of married women in poor families becoming prostitutes. In Portugal they persuaded Salazar not to pass such a law but Franco was made of sterner stuff.

I must say Franco seems almost agreeable in contrast with many modern European politicians. Franco's Spain did well in economic terms in its last ten years. And I like him for not letting Protestants build churches on the ground that they were heretics. But he was brutal and second rate, though much better, of course, than the Stalinists whom he fought. 
Salazar, the Catholic dictator of Portugal, was a much cleverer and more attractive figure.

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