Monday, 24 April 2017

Hollande rigged and won the French election

I blogged earlier:
Why are some talking about a bad day for democracy in France? This election was the most democratic in decades - a genuine choice between 4 very different platforms. 5 counting the very left-wing Socialist candidate.
This is the reason.

The explanation below for Macron's victory, posted on Facebook by a French professor does sound very plausible. Perhaps today is a very bad day for democracy in France.
Even in Putin's Russia the executive power would not have been able to rig the election like Hollande did
Macron is Hollande's surrogate and En Marche is a scam, a cover for the Hollandist fraction of the socialist party. Hollande is not stupid, he has an unmatchable expertise in electoral game, the cynical disciple of Mitterrand and a 30 years practice. The opposition leaders' phones, those of their families friends and attorneys are tapped 24/7. The media have been organized in a cartel by Macron himself breaching the law about competition, the outlets are subsidized by the State and journalists have tax breaks and perks. Public prosecution is under the command of the executive (i.e. Hollande) ... Otherwise, how one would explain that an investment banker with no political background, no party, no programme could come first in a fair electoral process?
The alleged corruption of Fillon could not have been fabricated without an illegal hacking of his family's confidential social security records over 30 (!) years, which only can be realized under the order of the top of the executive power.
There have been suggestions that the allegations against Fillon that sank his chances were the result of Hollande using information from wire tapping, that similar tactics were used against Marine Le Pen and that Macron's movement is in reality a ruse, a means of Hollande appointing a successor to continue his policies.

Jonathan Miller in The Spectator hails Hollande as the winner of the French election.

For France, the outlook remains grim. The worst of all possible scenarios has been avoided: a second round contest between the hard-line socialist Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Le Pen. That would have provoked an immediate political and financial crisis that could have spelled the collapse of the Fifth Republic. Instead, the French seem poised to elect a President whose continuity with the failed regime of Hollande will produce five more years of social, economic and political stagnation. Next time, the French elite may find it harder to fend off a challenge from politicians from outside of the mainstream.

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  1. The indignation from that professor is amusing. Heavens, how could a fat, homely old blowhard and shyster from the Reagan years become president of the US? And how could a skinny black guy with a funny name? Sometimes voters want something different. Fillon was tainted from the loathed Sarkozy administration and Le Pen and Melenchon worrisome for other reasons. Macron looks pretty good, the huffy professor's tut-tuttin aside c