Saturday, 29 April 2017

MP stands down after telling pupils 'homosexuality is wrong'


Andrew Turner, Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight since 2001, has decided not to stand for re-election before he was forced to stand down. This is because of an answer he gave during a question and answer session at Christ the King College 
(sic) in Newport, a joint Church of England and Catholic secondary school and sixth form college. One student, who describing herself as a “passionate campaigner for LGBT rights”, asked him if he was involved in the Isle of Wight’s first ever Pride event.

In a post on Facebook, the student said. “He told us that he’d been invited, but wasn’t intending to go. This is because (and this is a direct quote) he thinks that homosexuality is ‘wrong’ and “dangerous to society’.” 

It does slightly remind me of children reporting adults for politically incorrect remarks in Stalin's Russia, but Stalin analogies are as objectionable as Hitler ones.

If he meant homosexual acts are wrong, this is Catholic, Orthodox Jewish and Muslim doctrine and the view, at least until recently, of the Church of England bishops. It's the view of the Archbishop of Canterbury and all Archbishops of Canterbury, except the last one. I am not sure what most Anglicans in England now think. It's the teaching of Hindus and Buddhists too. 

As Arthur James Balfour said, society is constantly persecuting. However, the persecuted sometimes become the persecutors. 

What seems odd to me is that if MPs disapprove of eating meat no-one minds.

It is horrible to see with what bloodthirsty relish society, or rather the people who run things, persecute people for holding conservative opinions. In Romania, where I live, there is much more freedom of thought and speech than in England. Who'd have guessed 30 years ago?

Elections always bring out the pack mentality - they are very savage and atavistic, not just for the politicians but the voters. It's odd how people are so intolerant in the name of tolerance. They complain about 'othering' (dread word) but are most guilty of this new sin.


  1. Mr Turners standing aside is nothing to do with the girls comment, that excuse is a piece of hybrid warfare injected into the election campaign with the help of councilor Bob Seely, the new blood , aimed at embarrassing Papal knight Chris Whitehouse a potential competitor, the resurgent liberals with their schoolboy leader and the Green Party candidate . Bob being an old Island man holds disdain for anyone with less than thirty generations behind them. Andrews real reason for standing aside is a combination of his ill health and his imminent removal from the 1922 committee and he had told local conservatives just that last month before the election was even called.

  2. Your typical Christian conservative. No courage of his own convictions. Caving in at the first sign of trouble without even a fight. He could have still stood at the election even as an independent if the tories had got rid of him. He might even have won or at least he would have gone down with his head held high. Christianity produces men without pride or self-respect.