Saturday, 8 April 2017

Stockholm syndrome

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Four people were killed by an Uzbek driving a lorry in Stockholm yesterday. 

A young woman was literally ripped limb from limb.

This is The Irish Times' headline.

Brutal events in Stockholm will be boost for Sweden’s far right

When the first Syrians were killed by the police and army in 2011 large crowds turned out for their funerals and the Ambassadors of the Western powers attended. Funerals became more and more frequent and then the Ambassadors were recalled and people kept away from the funerals and a war had started. 

Outrages in Europe will continue to make what used to be called the front pages (but everyone reads on his telephone now). Hashtags, candles, you know the drill. 

Something must be done. Preventing hate speech on YouTube (or insert another idea to taste) is something. Therefore this must be done.

Meanwhile M16, so a senior officer told Max Hastings, thinks Russia a much greater threat to British security then Islamists, whose plots were foiled between the massacre in London in 2005 and the small one a fortnight ago. 

Mr. Sadiq Khan, the new Mayor of London, says we just have to get used to terrorist attacks as part of big city life, though Tokyo and Seoul seem to escape them. I wonder why.

And indeed terrorism is only a relatively small part of the story of Islamism in Western Europe and Islamism is itself a relatively small part of the sea change in Western Europe.

At least Donald Trump's recent remark about Sweden can no longer be made to look silly.

The Swedish Prime Minister said:

It is way too early to draw some political conclusions from all this. This is a moment for sorrow; for grief. We're also determined to continue to be an open society; a democratic society. And that is something I am totally confident the Swedish people also feel.

Meanwhile, for the Irish Times and others, Islamophobia and the far right are the danger. 


  1. If Trump hadn't launched Tomahawk missiles against his own presidency yesterday, the world's focus would now be on Sweden and the conversation would be on how Trump's earlier statements on Sweden had been vindicated. It's a double victory for the globalists.

  2. When you're an Irish Times journalist seeing a little girl's corpse smeared into the tarmac and you're overcome with horror that it might slow Muslim immigration...

    1. Fully agree. West is lost. East will be killed by West afterwards. Like Eastern Europe was overrun by Ottomans AFTER they got hold of human, technological and financial resources of Constantinople and its empire. So, expect the most powerful ISIS ever to spring from the West, with Westerners as soldiers, in 1-2 generations

  3. Those killed in the Tokyo subway gas attack and the fact that Seoul has been on high alert after last years attempted gas attacks would seem to render your point moot. Unless of course you only count terrorist attacks carried out by a different racial group.

    1. Well argued whoever you are. I hadn't forgotten the Tokyo incident though it was twenty years ago. I don't recall that it was terorism exactly which bu definition has some sort of political meaning. The Seoul high alert I missed, I am ashamed to say.

  4. Aum Shinrikyos aim was to bring down the Japanese government and install their own leader as Emperor. Aims wise I see no difference between this and the aim of installing a Caliphate. The same lunatics using violence to meet their ends. Ideology or political cause are irrelevant. More newsworthy than Sweden in recent days was the quiet disarmament of ETA which since World War II was responsible for the most terrorist deaths in Europe if you exclude Lockerbie which was state sponsored by your old friend Gadaffi. This is almost entirely down to the political stability offered by an open Europe and the recognition for ethnic groups within it.

  5. I didn't know the Japanese killers wanted to overthrow the Emperor. Terrorism is certainly not necessarily Muslim or connected to ethnic or confessional minorities. I remember Timothy Mcveigh.

    I so regret that we in the UK came to terms with the IRA. Spain has done the right thing about terrorism.

    1. Gadaffi was certainly no friend of mine and certainly responsible for the murder of poor WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Some say he was not guilty of Lockerbie even though he accepted responsibility and Iran was - was this ever cleared up? Dr Jim Swire, whose 23-year-old daughter died in the bombing, said he was convinced the Iranians did it.

  6. The Stockholm killer has confessed and said he killed in protest against the bombing of Syria.