Sunday, 23 April 2017

Voices in the election hubbub

Dan Hodges
One thing Reluctant Labour supporters must understand. Anything less than huge May win will see Corbyn claim pyrrich victory. And cling on

Brendan O'Neill
People saying: "Don't make the General Election all about Brexit. There are other issues too." But Brexit isn't just another issue. It isn't really an issue at all, in fact. It's bigger than that. It's a potentially new way of doing politics; it's a demand for democratising politics; it's the means of ensuring that all those "issues" -- the economy, housing, jobs, the NHS, law, war, regulation, etc -- are debated and decided upon in a more open, honest, populist way, by the public rather than by technocrats. Brexit, if properly acted upon, could help to make politics and all its "issues" radically different and more interesting than they are today. This is why you should cast your vote on the basis of the candidate's commitment to Brexit rather than what he or she thinks about "issues": because until Brexit is clarified and made stronger than it is now after nine months of elitist assault and demonisation, politics and its issues will remain the playthings of them rather than the property of us.

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