Thursday, 27 April 2017

Western Europe wants to be a space free of history and ethnicity. Eastern Europe doesn't.

The European Union, like the Roman Empire, is divided into Western and Eastern halves.

The Western European Union wants to be a space free of history and ethnicity, in the hope of avoiding wars and extremists. It will, of course, get both. It already has. 

In the Eastern E.U. they want a (predominantly) Christian Europe and the nation is very important, but this will change unless Western Europe changes first.

France faces a crisis but prefers to ignore it, which will make the much postponed change all the more violent and extreme when it comes. This is a recurrent theme in French history. 

Instead, the French and others prefer to put their trust in the EU. The EU is an idea that is 'anointed', in the phrase of Thomas Sowell, by which he means a quasi-sacred worldview concocted out of fantasy, impervious to pragmatic considerations.


  1. Very good write about the situation in EU.

  2. Meanwhile in enriched modern London

    While the black attackers in the video seem to instinctively understand that it’s them vs whites the random white bystanders do not lift a finger. Their ethnic solidarity has been broken, but the nonwhites' have not. And that’s the intention. The elites misruling Western Europe don’t really want a space 'free of ethnicity' so much as they want unilateral racial disarmament for Whites. At least, this was the intention of those who have been pushing mass immigration the hardest and for the longest time. People such as Aneeta Kahane, Gregor Gysi, Barbara Roche or Barbara Spectre know what they’re doing. They are not motivated by mushy race-blind kumbaya liberalism but by very cynical, genocidal racial aggression. Without their fanatic dedication and singleness of purpose the Great replacement project would never have succeeded to the extent that it has.

    Anne Appelbaum, George Soros and the rest of the US/ EU financed NGOs are not going to rest until Warsaw, Budapest and Bucharest resemble London and Paris. Macedonia is next on their hit list and the Soros-US-EU-Muslim-Leftist take-over is already underway there. You have a now violent struggle between the shrinking ethnic Macedonian majority and growing Albanian Muslim minority. And as was the case twenty years ago you have Russia siding with the native Europeans while the EU/US demands its submission and destruction at the hands of the Muslims.