Tuesday, 23 May 2017

What we know this week (and it's only Tuesday)

Theresa May is an incompetent leader.

Jeremy Corbyn, who defended the IRA for decades and called Hamas his 'friends'  now has to condemn a terrorist massacre similar to the ones Hamas tries to carry out all the time.

Many millions of people who think Donald Trump is very dangerous want Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister. They include
 a large majority of British academics.

No-one wants to stop mass immigration from Muslim countries into Great Britain or Europe.

No-one has any idea about how to stop further massacres.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Lennonism is the great threat nowadays

Lord Glassman, a Labour peer and founder of Blue Labour, has written an interesting essay. It makes me think that, now Leninism as been defeated, Lennonism is the great threat to civilisation.

His Lordship says Labour can’t tell an enchanted story of our country and the Conservatives can. 

"They dragged New Labour with them and all were united in loyalty to John Lennon’s Imagine. No borders, no institutions, no constraints on money and everyone goes to university and jumps on the train of endless circulation. The brotherhood of Mammon. It’s easy if you try.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Elections reduce everyone to absolute irrationality

The philosopher Herbert Spencer thought, when the Asquith government introduced school dinners for poorer children, that this was the moment when England became socialist. Theresa May wants to give all schoolchildren free breakfasts and still left-wing friends think she's an uncaring free marketeer. 

Elections reduce everyone to absolute irrationality. In fact, all the parties taking part in the British election are social democrats: the unconservative Conservatives, the illiberal Liberal Democrats, the S.N.P., the Greens and even Labour. But Labour is led by two elderly men, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who are not democratic socialists, but Marxist-Leninists of some sort.

People make a case for Greens being fascists, and certainly the Nazis were Greens, but it's not really true the other way around. The Greens are reactionary in economics (unlike fascists), extreme internationalists and want unlimited immigration. Apart from bringing an end to England, think how many houses that would mean we'd need to build on the countryside. They are therefore the least green party, as well as the worst party of all. Worse even than the fascists.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Last of the Dalmatians

llyria lay on the Western shore of the Adriatic. After the Roman conquest which was completed by the second century B.C. in towns spoke Latin. Their Latin developed, after the fall of Rome, into a Romance language Dalmatian. Later the well-educated in towns like Ragusa (Dubrovnik) spoke Italian, while Croatian language s subsumed Dalmatian (how?), except in Albania. Was this because Slavs move in?

The last speaker of Dalmatian was Tuone Udaina, who was accidentally killed in an explosion on June 10, 1898. His language was studied by the scholar Matteo Bartoli, who visited him in 1897 and recorded 2,800 words.

'National identity does not exist'

This is the very wicked opinion of a man who was Tony Blair's Director of Political Operations. It sheds a lot of light on modern politics and why the world is in such a mess.
John McTernan‏ @johnmcternan
Replying to @sundersays
National identity does not exist. All people's descriptions descend into a banal string of commonplaces.