Monday, 22 May 2017

4 quotations

“There’s four sorts of people tryin’ to get to be rulers. They all want to make things better, but they want to make ’em better in different ways. There’s Conservatives an’ they want to make things better by keepin’ ’em jus’ like what they are now. An’ there’s Lib’rals an’ they want to make things better by alterin’ them jus’ a bit, but not so’s anyone’d notice, an’ there’s Socialists, an’ they want to make things better by takin’ everyone’s money off ’em, an’ there’s Communists an’ they want to make things better by killin’ everyone but themselves.”
Henry addressing the Outlaws in “William, Prime Minister” (1929)

“Idleness – a job that you have to go to, but not necessarily do anything – is the poet’s friend. The aristocratic disdain for work is the one legacy they’ve left that’s really worth something. But the aristocracy aren’t like that now. They’re always at great pains to point out the good works they do. Which I think is a mistake. I think they should be more unapologetic about it.”
John Cooper Clarke

“Both parents work flat out in order to afford the things with which to distract the children that they’re too tired to play with when they get home. I think that at the heart of it is the disinvestment of the domestic household economy, and which hopefully the credit crunch will reverse. But for the time being, women in particular now see the home as a kind of fuelling station for work. For me, the obvious solution to the credit-crunch problem is simply for people to work a much shorter week. And to have a lower income. That is happening naturally.”
Oliver James

"Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies"
Gore Vidal

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