Friday, 19 May 2017

Elections reduce everyone to absolute irrationality


The philosopher Herbert Spencer thought, when the Asquith government introduced school dinners for poorer children, that this was the moment when England became socialist. Theresa May wants to give all schoolchildren free breakfasts and still left-wing friends think she's an uncaring free marketeer. 

Elections reduce everyone to absolute irrationality. In fact, all the parties taking part in the British election are social democrats: the unconservative Conservatives, the illiberal Liberal Democrats, the S.N.P., the Greens and even Labour. But Labour is led by two elderly men, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, who are not democratic socialists, but Marxist-Leninists of some sort.

People make a case for Greens being fascists, and certainly the Nazis were Greens, but it's not really true the other way around. The Greens are reactionary in economics (unlike fascists), extreme internationalists and want unlimited immigration. Apart from bringing an end to England, think how many houses that would mean we'd need to build on the countryside. They are therefore the least green party, as well as the worst party of all. Worse even than the fascists.

Very far from being a Thatcherite, Theresa May is a statist who's positioning the Tories to take Labour's place with moderate, patriotic, working class Labour voters, especially ones who voted Leave. She has found the Labour party bathing and stolen their clothes, as Disraeli stole the Whigs' clothes in 1866. As with Disraeli's Reform Act, Theresa May's list of progressive reforms (workers on company boards is something I thought have been buried forever in the late 1970s) and spending commitments has a whiff of chicanery about it. But in fact she means it. She pretends to other European Union governments that she'll go for a low tax low regulation economy if they don't agree to a reasonable deal, but it's an empty threat. She loves regulation.

And, by the way, there is no reason why Britain could not have low taxes while in the EU or any reason why other EU states should object.

I am a conservative who loathed Mrs Thatcher and much of my critique of Thatcherism I still think holds good. But I formed my political ideas in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in another world. I wanted Tories to have a social conscience and do something for working class people. But now that the Tories are doing exactly that, I find I dislike Mrs. May's statism and social liberalism more than Mrs. Thatcher's policies.

Like David Cameron and Michael Gove, Mrs. May is a Blairite. She, David Cameron, Michael Gove and Tony Blair are also liberal Anglicans. Tony Blair converted to Catholicism but it was a modernised Catholicism (a sort of New Catholicism) to which he subscribes. I appreciate Mrs. Thatcher now, with her Methodist straightforwardness. She had strong beliefs. It wasn't about stealing Labour clothes and focus groups.

I used to be a  left-wing Tory, but I am getting tired of politics as social work, as a means of redistributing income or increasing life chances. The state's main duty is to protect the nation from invasion and from rule by foreigners and to preserve freedom, property rights, law and order and national traditions at home. And these things are all under grave threat.

Freedom is nowadays gravely restricted. Families and the idea of the family are breaking down. Nations are in danger. Religion is in sharp decline. More and more of the countryside is being lost.  And we have more and more laws, more and more equality laws, more and more politics as therapy and less and less social cohesion. 

Labour gave us three disastrous things: easy divorce, easy abortion and relentless immigration on a massive scale. The Tories have not undone any of these things, although immigration has been restricted. Until last summer, both parties were on course to reducing the powers of the British Parliament to those of a county council. Something Kenneth Clarke said he hoped to see happen. It wasn't the political parties (little UKIP excepted) or the politicians that saved us from that fate, but the British people.


  1. Religion being in decline is nothing to do with parties and is not something anyone should be involved with, it's a deeply personal issue. Families are not in danger, violent crime rates at one of their lowest ever levels. You cannot preserve traditions, traditions change and evolve over time, unless you want to turn the country into a museum there's nothing that can, or should, be done.

    1. You cannot preserve traditions, traditions change and evolve over time

      But what we've seen since WW2 is not traditions evolving organically, but traditions being actively and deliberately destroyed.

      A mindless belief that all change is good and all change must be embraced is just as foolish as an insistence that things must never change.

      Families are not in danger

      Families are not in danger because the family has already been largely destroyed. Actively and deliberately destroyed. We'll see how that works in the long term. It's already caused immense misery.

  2. They are therefore the least green party, as well as the worst party of all. Worse even than the fascists.

    The problem for the Greens is that they hold various sets of beliefs that are mutually incompatible. If you believe in global warming you must oppose open borders because adding more people to Europe and the US will increase carbon emissions. But the Greens won't give up open borders.

    If you believe in the welfare state you must oppose open borders because mass immigration will make the welfare state unsustainable.

    If you believe in Social Justice you must oppose open borders because mass immigration will eventually derail your Social Justice agenda. Mass immigration is not compatible with feminism or LGBT-whatever rights.

    If you're Green you cannot possibly be in favour of mass immigration. But they won't accept this.

    Labour has a similar problem. Open borders is great for rich Tory voters but disastrous for working-class Labour voters. For the foreseeable future Labour cannot win an election if working-class voters vote for the Tories and that's what's going to happen.

    The Scottish Nationalists hate nationalism and they hate Scottish people. You'd think they'd realise that there's a problem there but they don't see it.

    UKIP is doomed because Theresa May has convinced the public that she'll deliver Brexit. She probably won;'t but that doesn't matter. By the time people figure that out UKIP will have ceased to exist.

    Things are easier for the Tories. They don't believe in anything apart from their divine right to rule. At the moment it seems likely the Tories will remain in power indefinitely. With no viable opposition at all they can do what they like. That's going to be unpleasant because the Tory politicians are very unpleasant people indeed and they don't give a damn about anyone, including their own rank-and-file.